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The guys on 185th are stellar at taking care of me.

Schuyler C

Apr 08, 2022 – Euclid, OH

these 2 guys at 185th street in Euclid, are EXPERTS. And, they are HONEST, friendly, and FAST !!! Thwey touch all the bases..a HOMERUN for my experience---out of the park !!!

Gary S

Mar 25, 2022 – Euclid, OH

The guys at the e. 18th street shop are top notch. Very professional and courteous.

Patrick Longbrake Jr

Mar 07, 2022 – Cleveland, OH

The staff was Phenomenal!!! Courteous, knowledgeable and very helpful with preventative maintenance that helped immensely with future expensive repairs. Both employees did a wonderful job!!! True throwback service!!!

William Douglas

Jun 21, 2021 – Columbus, OH

Great service and professionalism. Not interested in ripping off the consumer. I use synthetic oil and I came in to have my oil changed. He noticed that I use synthetic oil and gave me a brief introduction on how and about synthetic oil is and works. He told me that I didnt need an oil change and proceeded to top off all of my fluids. He said to me that he rather keep the customer happy than try to rip them off if they didnt need a oil change. Great guy and service. Not to many around like him.

Moises R

Jan 06, 2020 – Euclid, OH

Today I visited the 185th street store where Tracy was AWESOME! He was very friendly, very thorough and checked over everything for my upcoming trip. He informed me my back tire was low and showed me a filthy Air Filter that i needed to change. All around fast, great service! I will continue to take my business to Quick Change!

Lynn Y

Mar 06, 2019 – Euclid, OH

Great customer service..they will even tell you other issues or answer question .. sometimes give a newspaper to read while you wait to be next


Jan 18, 2019 – G, OH



Aug 14, 2018 – CLEVEAND, OH

Oh my goodness. I have been coming for about 7yrs and the convenience of not having to get out the car with my small children is PRICELESS!!! I travel from Garfield heights now to get service at this location. Everyone is always pleasant, i get a free newspaper while being serviced and if i dont need something they let me know. The convenience and prompt service is amazing.


May 14, 2018 – Cleveland, OH

I've been a returning customer for a few years the staff is friendly, imformative,courteous .and knowledgable they take time explaining all steps to you with patience leaving you feeling very well taken care of and you trust them.PLUS YOU GET A WATER AND A FREE NEWSPAPER they can't be beat !!!!

Charlsie A

Apr 24, 2018 – Euclid, OH